Throw Back Thursday

In the spirit of throw back Thursday I’m posting figure drawings from my senior year at Columbus College of Art & Design (2002-2003.)

I took Dennis Drummond’s figure drawing class as an elective my senior year because I loved the class so much. At some point toward the beginning of the semester Drummond asked us to bring a drawing material other than what we’d used in class… I didn’t think much of it and made do with the ballpoint pen I had in my pocket. And this is when it gets interesting: Mr. Drummond told me (in front of the entire class no less) that it was “poor methodology to use a ballpoint pen” now keep in mind, I was not particularly used to instructors bluntly rebuking me before I’d even attempted to make a piece so, of course EVERY SINGLE DRAWING was with a ballpoint pen thereafter …and I drew A LOT.

(I quickly won Drummond over with my kick ass drawings if you were wondering.)


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