52 and counting!

Here is a mega post with all of the forms together! I’ll add new pieces to this each time I finish one!


Tea-Bowls 20 – 23

I really enjoy the variety of this group. I formed #20 with legs from a single slab of clay (a nice change of approach and a good challenge on keeping it loose) #21 is an actual tumbler with a rounded bottom (webble-wobble and all) #22 is really tight, clean, and symmetrical and #23 is the largest I’ve stretched the size of the tea-bowl with a soft bulge of silhouette and hint of a lip. Having this much variety in such a small group of tea-bowls makes me anxious to see how far I can push the form for the remaining 77!  For those curious, the white powder you see on the forms is actually cornstarch; I use it as a barrier so the clay doesn’t stick to surfaces when i’m hand building.

Tea-bowls 15 – 19


I got a little behind on my tea-bowls due to some travel for work, so the next couple of posts will be batches to get back up to speed! With this group I purposefully handled the clay roughly and fought the urge to tighten up the forms. They’re still pretty tight, but it’s a nice challenge.