Float Blue Glaze

Float Blue glaze has been the most popular of the glazes I’ve used. I find the variety of vibrant colors within the glaze quite interesting. As you’ll see in all of the pieces in this post, something as simple as a little texture or whether it’s geometric or more angular changes the way the color manifests.

I was unable to find much in the way of history on this glaze which makes me think it’s one that’s been developed within the last century if not the last 50-30 years.


Jun Ware

Jun Ware also has a deep rich history, originating in China in the first century. It typically shows as a brilliant sky blue and a bit thicker than most glazes which allows for some really interesting possibilities for controlled (or uncontrolled) drips. If you’d like to read more on Jun Ware, you can find great resources here: http://gotheborg.com/glossary/jun.shtml and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jun_ware

Love-Bird Boxes


The glaze found and settled in the crevasses of the texture on these love-bird boxes, hooray! There’s something really lovely about the surprise of ceramics, no matter how much you plan there is an addition of chance that can create happenings that can never be duplicated. I’ll be sure to try this textural approach on more pieces with different glazes as well.

I think these two boxes embody one of my very favorite quotes: “Consider everything an experiment.” -Sister Corita Kent

Itty Bitty Box All Glazed Up!

the smallest box I've made to date.

the smallest box I’ve made to date.

It’s just as precious as I’d hoped it would be, and I realize now that I need to share a photo of what the inside looks like too!

I was testing boundaries with this one, seeing how small I could make a “slab built” box.

This size is indeed quite small, but not so tiny that it would get lost in your hands. To that point, an important piece of (or experience for) the vessels I make is that it calls to the viewer/user to interact with it. I want someone to feel the weight of the piece, appreciate the laborious details and enjoy the action and surprise of opening one of these ceramic boxes.

I’ll post that inside shot soon, promise!